At Kent Coins we operate an extremely popular home valuation service to help you value and sell your single item or collection.

We are always looking to buy new stock and use this almost unique approach to give you an approachable and easy way to talk about selling your items, no pressure or obligation to sell just friendly advice and fair pricing.

If you are looking to sell your items then this service is completely free of charge, just call us today and book an appointment and we will come and view your lots and make an offer.

We service Kent, Essex, London & East Sussex on a regular basis but if you are outside of this area please call to discuss an appointment as special trips can be made for larger collections, if you are outside of our travel radius we can instead arrange for you to post items to us for approval but please call or email beforehand to arrange for this.

Please do be aware that due to busy schedules appointments to value your items are by prior arrangement only, we do not offer a drop in valuation service at our premises, you may travel to us only to be disappointed so call to arrange beforehand.

What we are looking to buy
  • Coins, Tokens & Banknotes: From single items to large collections.
  • Medals & Militaria: Singles, Medal Groups, badges & pins, and smaller military items.
  • Gold & Silver: Broken/unwanted jewellery or cutlery as well as “scrap” bullion.
  • Antiquities: Brooches, Rings and metal detecting finds.
  • Stamps & Philatelic Items: We mainly stock collections or break down larger collections into lots.
Items we do not buy
  • Dental or unmarked gold and silver
  • Furniture
  • Bulky items
  • Forgeries or imitation coins and tokens

To make use of the popular email identification service please follow the steps below.

Step One - Take some good quality color scans or photographs of your items.

Step Two - Email the pictures to, make sure to include some contact details for when we reply.

Step Three - We will contact you with an identification and where possible a valuation of what we would currently pay for the item.

Terms and Conditions of our Service

The service is free of charge for customers looking to sell collections or single items, there is no obligation to accept our offer on what you have, as this is a free courtesy service please do not abuse it, this means no known fakes or forgeries, or illegal lots.

All our identifications or valuations are at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse valuations if necessary.

All of our valuations are conducted by myself (John Wilson). 
The free identification service we provide is a courtesy service with no obligation to buy our products our accept our offer on your items, any quotes given are the prices we would currently pay for the item(s), these are what most people refer to as a "dealers price" and not current full market value (we still need to make a profit!), the service should not be used for insurance valuations or grading coins, in some cases we can provide a valuation for insurance or probate for a small charge, however please note these should be used as a guide and are not legally binding.

Please DO NOT send us items in the post for the service without prior arrangement, we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items and will not pay for return postage.

Mob: 07402 965 818